shingle roof, Dothan & Enterprise, AL & surrounding areas

Storm Damage Roof Repairs in Dothan & Enterprise, AL & surrounding areas

Hire a skilled Big Shot Roofing contractor for help with insurance claimgs

When a storm damages your roof, don't spend hours fighting with the insurance company for enough money to cover your repair expenses. Count on Big Shot Roofing, LLC in Dothan & Enterprise, AL & surrounding areas to work with your insurance adjuster.
Big Shot Roofing contractors will:

  • Give you a free inspection
  • Provide you with an accurate quote
  • Walk you through the claim filing process
  • They will meet with the adjuster on your roof on behalf of you

Once your insurance company approves the estimate, we'll get to work fixing your roof.

Schedule a free inspection with Big Shot Roofing, LLC right away.

Don't let storm damage go undetected, get your roof fixed

Hail and wind damage can be nearly impossible to see from the ground. Hail can dent your roof vents, dislodge shingles and lead to leaks and other damage. Wind can blow shingles off and leave the underlayment exposed to the elements.

Protect your investment from devastating storm damage by choosing the roofing contractor at Big Shot Roofing for repair services. We also do residential reroofing work.